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© 2020 by Jessica Jackson Real Estate Brokerage Firm LLC.

760 Old Roswell Road, Roswell, GA 30076

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No part of this website or program details (including salary offerings & commissions) may be copied or disclosed at any time without the written permission of the owner. By applying to this firm you express your agreement to this policy. To read our full Disclaimer along with Jessica Jackson Real Estate brokerage firm LLC Policies, please click here. Thank you!

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Hi everybody! Thanks for your interest in opening a Jessica Jackson Realty® office location, seminar, small group, or Job Training Boot-Camp!

Start working in ONLY 7 Days from ANY city in the world! Scroll down to enroll for free! But 1st, check out my music video below for a brief Company Overview! Happy joining!!!

Hi, it's

Jessica again!

Sooooo, what did you think about my super cool NEW music video? Wasn't it awesome! I hope you liked it!

I made it just for you!


So, now that you've finished watching my music clips, now it's time to sign your employee contract & start working.


As promised, I'll help you start working in just 7 days & yes, from any city or state in the world! But that's not it! I'll help you hire, recruit, & train 100 new employees in ONLY 30 days! So, are you ready to get extreme & start performing "LIVE" in front of 10's to 100's to 1,0000's of people EVERY week???


Then let's get started! Yes, you're hired!!!!

Jessica; Hiring Manager
(Broker & Ceo)
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